MSO Provider Portal

The NEMS MSO Provider Portal provides real time responds from the NEMS MSO Managed Care system. It's a web base administrative tool for provider to communicate information with NEMS MSO and to perform tasks via the internet without compromising security. Provider may use the Portal to submit Treatment Authorization Request, inquire about claims and authorization status, and download Explanation of Benefit. Because of its efficiency, we highly recommend for our providers to create a Provider Portal account to access the abovementioned items.

After submitting the request for a provider portal account, an account username and password will be emailed to the requester within 2 business days from receipt of the request. A FAQ and how to use the portal will be included with the account information.

If you have trouble accessing the provider portal, please email or call us at (415) 352-5186.

MSO Provider Portal

Did you know you can submit authorizations, check authorization status, and check claims status online?

To request access to the NEMS MSO Provider Portal, please complete our Provider Portal Access Request Form!